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Mind The Gap offers the following services, as well as customized packages for clients.

Introduction to Your Mindfulness Workout

A one or two-hour session, introducing participants to Mindfulness Workout techniques that they can start to use immediately and be on their way towards improved mental health. These sessions can be tailored to group specific requirements and offer an overview of Mindfulness and training in workout techniques based on Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness System. These sessions work great for leadership teams, a town hall learning session, mental health learning or as a regular feature in your organization’s learning schedule.

Session outcomes:

  • Understand how Mindfulness is like going to the gym, but instead of working out your physical muscles, you work out your mind!
  • Understand how regular Mindfulness Workouts can help improve your resilience, or your ability to effectively lead and work in an environment of constant change.
  • Recognize how Mindfulness can impact individuals as well as organizations, leading to more organizational resilience and sustainable high performance over the long term.
  • Learn how Mindfulness can help reduce stress, improve focus and develop self-awareness.
  • Learn basic Mindfulness techniques that you can start to use immediately.
  • Receive on-the-spot instruction demonstrating how to bring Mindfulness practices into daily life. Deliver presentations mindfully, participate in meetings mindfully, walk to work mindfully, take the train or subway mindfully, and more.

Your Mindfulness Workout

Since you won’t get ‘ripped’ by going to the gym just once, Mind The Gap provides a comprehensive 8 module workshop series based on Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness’   Feel Great family of techniques, training participants in five Mindfulness Workout Techniques, as well as introducing strategies for when and how to do your Mindfulness Workout in Daily Life; how to Deal with Obstacles and Opportunities; and how to build and keep up your Workout Practice overtime. Modules are usually taught one per week and last approximately 1 hour each.

Outcomes include:

  • Learn the Feel Great family of Unified Mindfulness techniques and start to use them on your own immediately while developing your own personal Mindfulness Workout practice over the length of the 8-module series
  • Reduce stress and improve focus and productivity
  • Improve self-awareness, communication, and relationships
  • Decrease reactivity by improving your equanimity – or your ability to “be cool”. Learn how to react thoughtfully rather than just react
  • Deliver presentations and have difficult conversations with a clear head and sense of being present and in the moment
  • Improve skills of concentration, sensory clarity, and equanimity
  • Weekly check-in with teacher to answer questions and give technique guidance

One on One Coaching or Personal Training

A personalized program of coaching, just like with your personal trainer at the gym! Programs are designed based on your objectives, which could include:

  • Learn how to improve mental fitness to better lead in environments of constant change
  • Learn to choose how to respond to problems, rather than just react
  • Learn how to work with anxiety and other discomfort by using Mindfulness techniques
  • Develop your leadership skills by improving self-awareness and empathy
  • Help in gaining more balance in your life
  • Reduce stress and increase focus and productivity
  • Build your Mind Muscles by improving skills of concentration, sensory clarity and equanimity
  • Get help establishing your own ongoing personal Mindfulness Workout practice using the techniques learned

Public Speaking

Fred Pitt is available for speaking engagements. A personable and insightful public speaker, engaging and funny, Fred speaks about Mindfulness using real life stories from the corporate world as well as his personal life experiences.


Fred Pitt

Pierre Gautreau Photography

Fred Pitt is a Mindfulness Coach, as well as a former organizational leader and Chief Information Officer. Having been drawn to Mindfulness as an Information Technology Executive looking for ways to cope with the stress and demands of his leadership roles, Fred turned his passion into a teaching career.

Fred is an engaging speaker who brings to his workshops humour and personal stories from his life and work experience, and training as a Mindfulness student in India and Thailand. Introduced to his teacher Shinzen Young while reading Maria Gonzalez’s best-selling book Mindful Leadership, he found Shinzen’s Unified Mindfulness method uniquely systematic, easy to understand, and applicable for use in daily life – which is what makes it so powerful for anyone at work. As is his style, Fred dove right in, studying with Shinzen, becoming a Unified Mindfulness Lead Coach, a MindSize Performance Coach for Athletes as well as attending over 2,000 hours of silent meditation retreats.

During the current pandemic, Fred has found that many people have a real desire to stay fit – both physically and mentally. Having taught leadership teams, sports teams and staff in organizations from municipal governments to insurance companies how to keep their minds fit using Mindfulness techniques, he has seen the amazing impact it can have on people’s lives. As a former CIO with over 30 years of public and private sector business experience, he is uniquely positioned to bring Mindfulness to organizations looking to make a positive cultural change.


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    What people are saying

    The mindfulness program that I completed with Fred Pitt has been very beneficial in helping me broaden my experience with my mindfulness practice.  We were introduced to a variety of methods, like “See, Hear, Feel” that I have easily integrated into my everyday life.  Fred’s accessible approach to teaching, along with his sense of humour and caring personality made each session a delightful experience.  I continue to use the techniques I learned in Fred’s sessions to help me stay centred, breath and generally reduce stress on a daily basis.

    Fred is a very patient and positive instructor. Going into the course, I didn’t know much about mindful meditation.  Fred introduced us to the concepts with engaged and informative discussion, followed by practice. I really enjoyed the experience and am continuing to incorporate what I learned into my daily life.

    I participated in a Unified Mindfulness course taught by Fred Pitt. Although I have taken a few other courses in Meditation, Unified Mindfulness offered some different and interesting techniques that made it a bit more fun and easy. Overall I would say that the Unified Mindfulness approach is a fairly accessible approach to meditation. Fred as an instructor was genuine about his passion for the subject and was helpful through his understanding of the process. His compassionate and often humorous way of presenting the material made the time in class fly by.

    Thank you, Fred, for an amazing “mindfulness in the workplace” workshop for our agency! We all gained valuable tactics and methods on how to be more mindful which continues to prove to be invaluable across our agency. From practicing mindfulness before team meetings to managing conflict resolution effectively, Fred taught our agency the skills to be mindful in all situations. His session was relevant, thoughtful and necessary for our teams who work every day in a fast-paced environment. I highly recommend him as a coach for any office, team or individual mindfulness sessions.

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